High Power Laser Diode System



◇ Designator/Targeting Systems
◇ FPD Bonding/Annealing
◇ Li-Ion Battery Welding
◇ Plastic Welding
◇ Soft Soldering/Thin Metal Welding
◇ Material Heating

◇ Vision Systems


◇ RS232, USB, Ethernet Control
◇ Operation Modes – CW, Gated, Timer, Trigger
◇ Redundant interlocks for machine tool integration
◇ Advanced warning protocol prior to system errors
◇ Clean Water for cooling – No Di-ionized water needed


Lasers/Fiber Delivery/Optics

◇ Single Emitter Reliability
◇ Industry leading power/chip and optical design

◇ Scalable Power from 100W – Multi-kW using durable fiber combining technology

◇ Highly efficient

◇ Wavelengths from 640nm ~ 2100nm

◇ 650nm Pilot Beam

◇ Customer Specified fiber length

◇ Optical partnership with over 50 years of combined optical design experience
◇ Capabilities for design, prototype, and production